Cumberland Cigar Co. sells cigars to people who simply like cigars.  I believe that you should smoke the cigars you like and not just the ones that have the largest social media following.  There are hundreds of brands out there and you should try as many as you can.  ​​
     You're in the right place for great deals on premium cigars, humidors, cutters, lighters, etc.  On top of that and depending on where you live, I'll arrange for free next day delivery. 
     I live in a state that doesn't allow me to sell cigars over the internet so, If you've got something specific in mind, just call, email or use the contact link above to let me know what you want.  I'll add specials as often as I can and will do my best to beat the prices you've seen from everyone else.
     Remember - You must be 18 years of age or older to buy cigars and cigar accessories in the State of Maryland (and most other places, too).

Congrats to the winner of our stocked desktop humidor at the 2018 Bonanza Extravaganza!

Had a great time at the Bonanza Extravaganza (as usual)!  We smoked a bunch of great cigars, gave away some free stuff and made some new friends.  Looking forward to next year!